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" Among the show’s fierce pleasures is the way Ms. Brock’s Zoe discovers unexpected sides — and downsides — of her activism, while her professor learns that expertise does not mean having all the answers.​" Louisa Hufstader: The Vineyard Gazette 

“Art Young, who vies for the affections of boarding house owner Mrs. Hopkins' (a splendid Vanessa A.Jones) daughter, Moira (the equally talented and appealing Tsilala Brock).” - Chris Gibson:


"Jones and Brock snap the play into focus when mother reminds her daughter that physical gifts — such as beauty or athletic prowess — can prove heartbreakingly fragile.” [Satchel Paige & the Kansas City Swing]
Judith Newmark St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Tsilala Graham-Haynes as the narrator/prince starts off the play with a skilled delivery of the beautiful opening monologue. Giving a rundown of the story in the famous “pair of star-cross’d lovers” speech, Ms. Graham-Haynes not only sets the stage for the bittersweet tale to unfold, she also gives the audience a taste of the level of young talent that livens up the idyllic amphitheater.” -  Gwyn McAllister MV Times


“Ms. Graham-Haynes, who does a wonderful job as the refined Olivia, is soon transformed into a giddy schoolgirl, literally leaping with excitement.” - Gwyn McAllister MV Times

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