Tsilala is an exceptional talent and teacher.  She’s helped strengthen my daughter’s voice—from breath to tone to volume control—and build her confidence. Tsilala’s focus on technique combined with her supportive enthusiasm have made lessons both productive and enjoyable for all involved. We highly recommend singing with Tsilala!

- Siobhan

Tsilala has incredible talent and is an absolute joy to work with. She is so kind, patient and dedicated to her students' success. Lessons with Tsilala are the highlight of the week for our daughter.  Her energy, enthusiasm and love of singing are infectious!  She is such a bright light and we are so grateful for her. THANK YOU!

- Christina 

I highly recommend Tsilala Brock for children's voice lessons. We reached out to Jammin' With You in the fall of 2020 because both of my kids (boy age 10, girl age 7) were interested in singing, but had limited options because of the pandemic.  We were matched with Tsilala and immediately listened to her songs online. She has a beautiful voice and presence. Tsilala was very natural and easy going with the kids and they immediately liked her. She has worked with them over zoom almost every week for the past four months.   


Tsilala is very effective at teaching singing, even over zoom. Neither of my kids had prior training or experience, but Tsilala taught them the fundamentals of warming-up, breathing and inflection. They have learned a lot in a very short period of time. When I asked my kids what they had to say about Tsilala they said she is very nice, a very good teacher and pushes them to work hard. We agree! She is also very patient. 


I am very happy to recommend Tsilala for anyone thinking of voice lessons for their children. 

- Jessica